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Paid days

Paid Sick leaves

Intelvision provides its Employees with 5 fully covered paid sick leaves per year.

Paid Vacation

We enable 18 days of vacation for our colleagues. Then 20 and 22 days of vacations if we cooperate for more than 1 year with the possibility to take a vacation in advance. The number of your annual vacation days will grow the longer you work with us.

Paid Maternity Leave

For men - 5 days of additional paid holidays. For women - salary payment for a period of 6 months - 30% of compensation + preservation of a place during the leave Over the next 6 months after paid maternity leave Employee must commit to work: 3 month as a full time Employee and 6 month as a part time Employee. For both - 1 time-pay money bonus


Corporate Events

As much as we love working still - relaxation and team buildings with corporate events are a must for us. We tend to organize seasonal corporate events as often as possible.

Game evenings is what keeps our team's inner adrenaline and entertains us much.


Gifts for a birthday and several occasions

The company congratulates every employee who has a Birthday, and during special occasions, with a unique gift according to our colleague's preferences.

Gifts for anniversary in Company

We appreciate the long-term contribution of our colleagues and aim to thank them not only with words but with memorable gifts from the company.

Extra gifts (marriage, child birth)

The company congratulates and supports every employee who reached the major life events such as marriage or child birth.

Additional value gifts

We value initiativity and gladly provide our employees with special bonuses (for mentorship, teambuilding organization, conducting interviews etc.)

Referral Program

Referral bonus for Employee involvement

1. Submit candidates to our Recruiter (and a link to LinkedIn). 2. Attach a CV if possible. If your friend is not in the database - your referral is accepted. 3. The candidate successfully ends the probation period - you receive the referral bonus (the amount depends on the candidate's level).

Referral bonus for Customer involvement

1. Submit candidate to Sales manager (and a LinkedIn preferred). 2. After Intelvision and the Client sign a contract you will be notified about it. 3. After 1 month of successful work with the Client, you will receive your referral bonus (the amount depends on the project's budget).

Personal Learning & Development

The periodical review process

We value self-development and aim for our employees to grow professionally. That's why we organize the periodical review process based on technical evaluation and English level.

Refund of personal professional growth

We cherish the desire of our colleagues to boost their knowledge from time to time. We provide refunds for educational courses, platforms, books, events etc.

Personal goals setting

We organize a personal meeting with HR manager to set specific individual goals that are needed for career growth and that keep our colleagues with up-to-date qualifications.

Personal development plan

According to the specification of your profession we develop a personal employee plan to identify what you want to achieve.


We help our colleagues to obtain an additional professional certification according to their profession.

Budget for health treatment

We care about our employees health and want to support them with a specific budget for health treatment.

Well-being meetings

Company organizes a regular meetings with professionals such as psychologist and others to improve our employees well-being.

English Lessons (every week)

Not a day goes by without us using English. We provide corporate English lessons. There we can practice it together and stay on a high language level.

Working environment

Сozy working environment

A comfortable and cozy working environment with motivated colleagues.

Flexible working hours

For the comfortable working process of our colleagues, we welcome flexible working hours.

Complete hardware package

We understand very well the importance for an employee to have everything he/she needs from a technical package: a fast computer, several large monitors, test devices, and more.

Internal accountant

The company has an accountant who advises our employees, as well as assists with the preparation and maintenance of documents.

Ability to get paid in USD/EUR

You can select a currency for your contract and get paid in USD/EUR.


Discount Program

Intelvision is a member of Lviv IT Cluster, and provides employees with numerous discounts for multiple events, restaurants, hotels etc.

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Team extension for BIM company – Visoplan
Team extension for BIM company – Visoplan
Dedicated Software Development Team

At Intelvision, we offer an outsourced dedicated development team to drive your business growth.

Web Application Development Services

Intelvision is a web application development company that cares about every client’s success.

Intelvision Ranks Among Top Staff Augmentation Services by Clutch
Intelvision Ranks Among Top Staff Augmentation Services by Clutch
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Intelvision Keeps Its Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch
Intelvision Keeps Its Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch
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Intelvision is a quickly-growing innovative software company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with development centers in Eastern Europe.

We offer full-cycle IT solutions and consulting services for individuals, startups, and small to medium businesses. 

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