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Logistics software development solutions

We create logistics software solutions to simplify supply chain management processes and minimize operational burdens. Whatever your app or platform idea, Intelvision is here to bring it to life. 

Custom transportation software development

Need to develop your own transportation software? Get it done with Intelvision.

Our seasoned software engineers will create a transportation system that fits your project requirements, whether you need a simple app or a full-featured platform.

Supply chain management software

Want to accelerate supply chain management processes? Let Intelvision do the work.

With us, you’ll get a top-notch supply chain management solution that will automate repetitive tasks and improve organizational workflows.

Warehouse management solutions

Looking for ways to streamline inventory and tracking processes? Do it with Intelvision.

We’ll build a fully functional warehouse management solution that will improve transparency and optimize storage space.

Shipping optimization solutions

Would you like to speed up your delivery process? Leave it to Intelvision.

We’ll create an advanced shipping optimization solution that will scale up your delivery operations and reduce costs.

Logistics data exchange software

Striving to make logistics operations more accurate and transparent? Intelvision can help.

Our team of professional software engineers will develop a highly secure and smart logistics data exchange solution.

Route planning software

Wondering how you can make your route planning hassle-free? Reach out to Intelvision.

Our logistics software development company will create a powerful route planning solution to optimize routes, reduce fuel usage, and cut expenses.

Urban delivery solutions

Eager to develop an Uber-style delivery app that customers will love? Count on Intelvision.

Our team will build a user-friendly delivery app that will turn leads into loyal customers.

If you’re curious, check out TheDrive, an order delivery platform that we created.

Tracking software

Need to monitor your supply chain operations? Let Intelvision help you.

We’ll create a full-fledged tracking solution to monitor the status of inventory assets and simplify freight delivery.

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Web Application Development

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Dedicated Software Development Team

Technology stack for logistics software development

Front-end development
Intelvision angular logo
Intelvision react logo
Back-end development
Intelvision .net microsoft logo pic
Intelvision node.js stack logo

At Intelvision, we stay ahead of the game and balance innovations and well-tried technologies to develop advanced but reliable logistics industry applications. In our software development process, we rely on the Scrum framework and are guided by Agile principles. 

This approach helps us deliver scalable and secure logistics solutions that fully comply with industry standards. 

Front-end development 

  • React.js. We use this open-source JavaScript library to build user interfaces for logistics apps. With React.js, you’ll get highly responsive apps that work fast and seamlessly.
  • Angular 2+. It’s a top choice for delivering feature-rich, complex logistics software solutions. Angular will help you achieve lightning speed and high performance of your apps.

Back-end development 

  • .NET. An extremely versatile Microsoft’s platform comprises advanced tools and technologies to build apps to address an immense number of logistics-related business needs.
  • Node.js. In the logistics domain, Node.js is one of the most rational choices to build performant web apps that run server-side scripts to produce dynamic web content.

Cloud development

Microsoft Azure Services

Choosing one of the leading cloud providers for our logistics software development services, Intelvision helps clients implement numerous use cases of app development, cloud migration, data analytics, IoT, and more.

Intelvision and microsoft azure development

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

It’s a blue-chip cloud platform and a perfect match for logistics software development to deploy secure and reliable apps. While AWS offers an impressive range of cloud solutions, we help logistics companies to tailor them to their specific business needs.

Intelvision and amazon web services development


We use Docker containers — lightweight packages of code containing everything to run a program and communicate with each other via well-defined channels — to streamline the development process by quickly testing and deploying code.

Intelvision and kubernetes development


Quicker time-to-market and more efficient use of computing resources are renowned benefits of this container orchestration system.

Intelvision develops inventory management
Intelvision and docker development

Logistics software development process

1. Project discovery

We thoroughly examine your project requirements, explore the problem, and come up with viable solutions for your business. We then present what we’ve learned and negotiate the timelines, software complexity, and tech stack with you.

2. Project planning and design

We break down a project into several phases, anticipate possible problems, and suggest ways to avoid them. We also create the UI/UX design for your logistics software.

3. Software development

We assemble a team of high-end software engineers along with a project manager who will inform you about every step of the development process. Once your logistics solution is ready, we test its performance.

4. Software release

We check your IT environment before deployment and use rigorous testing to ensure your product is bug-free. When we’ve completed this process, we launch your logistics software on the market.

5. Maintenance and expansion

We offer full support of your logistics product after release. If you need to add extra features or upgrade your software version, we’re just a phone call or email away.

Enhanced efficiency

Automate supply chain processes. Eliminate the risk of human error with a custom-built platform.

Intelvision develops warehouse management development


Cut wasteful operational expenses. Save costs for your business.

Intelvision enables fleet management

Benefits of Logistics Software Development

Increased accountability

Make logistics operations more accurate. Enhance transparency in your business processes.

Intelvision and transportation management development

Improved customer experience

Manage fleet processes hassle-free. Respond to customer requests faster with a product designed for today’s demands.

Better navigation

Optimize routes and minimize delays. Deliver goods and items fast.

Intelvision creates logistics app


Enhance workflow in your organization. Increase employee productivity with a product designed for your end-users first.

Higher profits

Boost logistics performance. Generate more revenue.

Why choose Intelvision?


A Solid Track Record

Intelvision began its software development journey 4 years ago. We’ve completed over 40 projects with flying success. We also received positive feedback on Trustpilot and Clutch platforms.


An Expert Team


Compliance with Logistics Regulations


Integration with Management Systems


A Commitment You Can Trust


100% Satisfied Clients

Interested in top-quality services for developing logistics software?

We’re here to help.


Intelvision offers high-end tech expertise for software development for the logistics, fintech, education, eCommerce, and healthcare industries. 

Just schedule a call

Our Works

Intelvision delivered the drive ecommerce development project picture Intelvision and the drive ecommerce development project
Intelvision and the drive logo logistics software solutions other

The Drive

Orders Delivery Platform
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Intelvision and on site storage e-commerce software development Intelvision with on site storage e-commerce software development
On site storage project for shipping container store logo other


Shipping Container Store
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Intelvision artymag social network app development block Intelvision artymag social network app development block small
Intelvision artymag social network app development logo other


Social network for artists and fans
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Intelvision delivered vaillant project for internal service system Intelvision and vaillant project for internal service
Vaillant project for internal service system logo other


Work Management System
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Intelvision delivered leogene medical laboratory app Intelvision delivered leogene medical laboratory app small
Leogene is a medical laboratory application logo


Medical Lab App
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Intelvision created Swiss scholar educational portal Intelvision created Swiss scholar educational portal rectangle
Swiss scholar is an academic support portal for swiss students logo

Swiss Scholar

Educational portal for students and adults
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Intelvision gifit project desktop website development Intelvision gifit project cover website development
Intelvision gifit logo for dark background


Digital gifting web application for the eCommerce platform
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Intelvision created OBE project cover desktop Intelvision created OBE project cover
OBE logo for dark background web development


Academic Management System
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Intelvision broadsoft desktop project Intelvision broadsoft project cover mobile
Intelvision broadsoft logo for dark background


Web software for broadcasts management
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Intelvision fortuna project desktop Intelvision and fortuna project cover mobile
Intelvision and fortuna logo dark background


An online advertising platform that brings people together to buy, sell or share goods and services
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Intelvision provides mobile application development Intelvision provides mobile application development today
Intelvision and razom logo transparent


Application for sports competitions
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Intelvision and Rapid Order mobile application solution Intelvision and Rapid Order mobile application solution
Intelvision and posude_logo

Rapid Order

B2B Order Taking Application for Retail
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Clients' Experience

Intelvision healthcare software development client

Halyna M.

Founder of "Leogene”

“The Intelvision team built a system from scratch that allowed the company to configure the genetic and infection testings process, manage users and their roles, track patient information, and automatically generate reports. The company appreciated the team’s systematic approach to the project.”

clutch Intelvision has a clutch recognition

Halyna M.

Founder of "Leogene”
Intelvision education software and custom ecommerce client

Pavlo P.

Founder of "Swiss Scholar"

“They brought a high level of expertise managing our planned requests in a timely manner. Intelvision’s specialists were good in communication, fostering a positive collaboration.”

clutch Intelvision has a clutch recognition

Pavlo P.

Founder of "Swiss Scholar"
Intelvision task management software development client

Serhii P.

Head of service department

“What I liked about the Intelvision’s team was that they asked in detail about what we actually wanted to accomplish and understood our requirements. They were very communicative and result–oriented.”

clutch Intelvision has a clutch recognition

Serhii P.

Head of service department

Boris G.

CEO of "Visoplan"

“The team at Intelvision leveraged their technical expertise and provided us with the required solution. They established a smooth workflow through effective communication and project management skills.”

clutch Intelvision has a clutch recognition

Boris G.

CEO of "Visoplan"

Kyle M.

Owner, Software Company

“Thanks to Intelvision’s development prowess, they successfully developed a seamless and exquisite platform. The team communicated well to provide progress updates and quick responses. They were active, thorough, and skilled in the workflow.”

clutch Intelvision has a clutch recognition

Kyle M.

Owner, Software Company
Intelvision created a project for Flexmoney customer

Jordan H.

Founder of "Flexmoney"

“Their professional efforts with development, support & maintenance, and flexibility met our timelines, budget, and needs.”

Jordan H.

Founder of "Flexmoney"

Clients' Experience

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Team extension for BIM company – Visoplan
Dedicated Software Development Team

At Intelvision, we offer an outsourced dedicated development team to drive your business growth.

Web Application Development Services

Intelvision is a web application development company that cares about every client’s success.

Intelvision Ranks Among Top Staff Augmentation Services by Clutch
Intelvision Ranks Among Top Staff Augmentation Services by Clutch
Achievements & Membership
Intelvision Keeps Its Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch
Intelvision Keeps Its Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch
About us

Intelvision is a quickly-growing innovative software company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with development centers in Eastern Europe.

We offer full-cycle IT solutions and consulting services for individuals, startups, and small to medium businesses. 

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