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What is the Nonprofit Industry

A nonprofit company, also known as a charitable organization, is an institution dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view. 

Nonprofit software development can make the duties of volunteers and nonprofit managers easier. Nonprofit CRMs, event, membership management systems, and volunteer management software—are designed to facilitate the functioning and performance of nonprofit organizations. As a nonprofit software development company, Intelvision will back your project up.

With Intelvision’s help, you will let your nonprofit function at full capacity. 

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Software Development Services for Nonprofit Organizations We Offer

Custom web/mobile app development

Touch the heart of donors who appreciate the ease and convenience of your online website and apps that make the process of donating seamless and quick.

We tailor our nonprofit app development approach for each organization, learning the mission, goals, and limitations of each project before building custom software solutions. 

Systems integration

Improve efficiencies and eliminate manual data entry with customized interfaces that effectively integrate your systems and processes.

We will design fully customized nonprofit data integrations and plugins.

Apps modernization

Upgrade your outdated applications and processes and transform them into efficient, upgraded software for nonprofit use with the expertise of Intelvision’s motivated team of designers, developers, and engineers.

Technology consulting

Intelvision will analyze your project, expectations, business goals, and existing product to provide insights, recommend improvements, and assess alignment with your institution’s practices and requirements.

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Why Choose Intelvision as a Software Services Vendor For Nonprofits

We help non-profit organizations fulfill their mission. We provide custom-tailored applications for managing work, as well as for conducting collaboration between social impact teams and non-profit teams. With over 5 years of experience, teams of highly-trained software development engineers, and application developers, deep industry sector knowledge, and ongoing technology research, we will also provide our clients with custom software development that improves their operations and opens new markets.

We look forward to sharing our expertise, consulting you about your product idea, or helping you find the right solution for an existing fundraising tool.


Clients over profit

Intelvision has a strong tradition of investing in clients’ success ahead of maximizing its profit.


Reliable support & maintenance services


Respect and open-mindedness


Innovative and cutting-edge functionality

Do you want to improve or develop your solution?

Find more about how Intelvision can help you.


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How We Benefit Nonprofit Organizations

Make your global mission stronger. The world is a complex ecosystem of people, economies, competing interests, and political uncertainty. Innovation requires a trusted nonprofit software development responsive partner that delivers agile development, rapid deployment, and unlimited scale.

Globally oriented nonprofits use Intelvision charity software development services to create an advanced software product, learn from data, and redesign programs to change the world.

Automated processes

Lower costs with effective custom software development that is provided to streamline your processes.

Safety and security

Secure, user friendly software and systems to protect your institution’s systems, data, and users.

Updates in real-time reports

Use interactive reports and dashboards to monitor and evaluate your fundraising campaigns.

Clients onboarding process

  1. Introduction call
  2. NDA
  3. Requirement specification
  4. Estimation
  5. Proposal
  6. Agreement
  7. Project planning
  8. Start of the project

Our Approach

In short, our development processes and approaches can be reduced to a few aspects.


Determining the problems our client is facing is our main goal

The first thing we do is seek to understand the root causes, challenges, pains, and the ultimate outcomes our client wants.


Mature and expert team


Transparent communication


Sustainable commitment


Planning and delivery in time


Professional consulting services for as long as you need

Discover Intelvision even more!

Our experts can help you with Nonprofits software development.


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Nonprofit Software Development Solutions

Governance & Compliance Software

Intelvision’s Governance Centre automates back-end compliance processes reinforcing your governance values and expectations.

Agenda Builder Solutions

Use the best practice templates to quickly build and share the meeting agenda with your trustees, with complete board packs enabling them to fully engage in a meeting.

Accounting and Financial Reporting Management Software

Keep your board, staff, and other stakeholders informed on your organization’s performance with Intelvision reports management software platform.

Task Management Software

Keep the board on track, and ensure no tasks are left behind from meetings, governance, policy attestation and assigned tasks. It helps you stay on top of what is important while keeping things moving forward.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

No organization is immune to disaster. Despite your best efforts to maintain high-quality equipment, your technology can still fail. Developing a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan is essential to ensuring that your non-profit organization can survive the future disasters it will face.

Professional Support Services

If your current system needs someone to make sure it keeps running smoothly, Intelvision can provide cost-effective support and maintenance for as long as you need.

Technology Stack

Middle or Large projects
Intelvision .net microsoft logo pic
Intelvision node.js stack logo
Intelvision angular logo
Intelvision react logo
Smaller projects / Plugins
Intelvision small wordpress development logo

We use .NET, Angular, React, and Node.js for middle or large projects and custom software development for nonprofit organization.

WordPress can be used for smaller projects or projects that can be optimally developed based on ready-made plugins. 

We develop a system in compliance with all legislative and regulatory norms of the customer’s country, preliminary researching all relevant norms thoroughly, as well as using the best industry strategies and approaches. 



Do you provide custom software development?

Yes, we are ready to provide software solutions based on your specific business goals and needs. Are you looking for a technology partner who can help you with custom IT services such as governance and security management tools? Talk to our experts about your business requirements.


What if I come to your software development company with a product that I want just to improve?


Why do you have development centers in Eastern Europe?

Still have some questions?

Intelvision can help you to get answers.


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Our case studies

Intelvision provides saas regulatory software solutions
Intelvision white logo of BoardX company

A SaaS Regulatory Software – BoardX

Strengthens governance, compliance, and board management for nonprofits
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Intelvision provides human resource solutions
Intelvision white logo of GetWorker company

Human Resource ERP System – GetWorker

A cutting-edge HR software for the construction company
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Intelvision provides consturuction software development
Intelvision white logo of visoplan development company

Team extension for BIM company – Visoplan

A case study about a team extension service for construction product
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Intelvision created OBE project cover desktop Intelvision created OBE project cover
OBE logo for dark background web development


Academic Management System
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Intelvision provides mobile application development Intelvision provides mobile application development today
Intelvision and razom logo transparent


Application for sports competitions
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Intelvision and Rapid Order mobile application solution Intelvision and Rapid Order mobile application solution
Intelvision and posude_logo

Rapid Order

B2B Order Taking Application for Retail
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Intelvision and on site storage e-commerce software development Intelvision with on site storage e-commerce software development
On site storage project for shipping container store logo other


Shipping Container Store
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Intelvision delivered vaillant project for internal service system Intelvision and vaillant project for internal service
Vaillant project for internal service system logo other


Work Management System
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Intelvision created Swiss scholar educational portal Intelvision created Swiss scholar educational portal rectangle
Swiss scholar is an academic support portal for swiss students logo

Swiss Scholar

Educational portal for students and adults
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Intelvision gifit project desktop website development Intelvision gifit project cover website development
Intelvision gifit logo for dark background


Digital gifting web application for the eCommerce platform
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Intelvision broadsoft desktop project Intelvision broadsoft project cover mobile
Intelvision broadsoft logo for dark background


Web software for broadcasts management
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Intelvision fortuna project desktop Intelvision and fortuna project cover mobile
Intelvision and fortuna logo dark background


An online advertising platform that brings people together to buy, sell or share goods and services
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Intelvision artymag social network app development block Intelvision artymag social network app development block small
Intelvision artymag social network app development logo other


Social network for artists and fans
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Intelvision delivered leogene medical laboratory app Intelvision delivered leogene medical laboratory app small
Leogene is a medical laboratory application logo


Medical Lab App
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Intelvision delivered the drive ecommerce development project picture Intelvision and the drive ecommerce development project
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The Drive

Orders Delivery Platform
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Intelvision healthcare software development client

Halyna M.

Founder of "Leogene”

“The Intelvision team built a system from scratch that allowed the company to configure the genetic and infection testings process, manage users and their roles, track patient information, and automatically generate reports. The company appreciated the team’s systematic approach to the project.”

clutch Intelvision has a clutch recognition

Halyna M.

Founder of "Leogene”
Intelvision education software and custom ecommerce client

Pavlo P.

Founder of "Swiss Scholar"

“They brought a high level of expertise managing our planned requests in a timely manner. Intelvision’s specialists were good in communication, fostering a positive collaboration.”

clutch Intelvision has a clutch recognition

Pavlo P.

Founder of "Swiss Scholar"
Intelvision task management software development client

Serhii P.

Head of service department

“What I liked about the Intelvision’s team was that they asked in detail about what we actually wanted to accomplish and understood our requirements. They were very communicative and result–oriented.”

clutch Intelvision has a clutch recognition

Serhii P.

Head of service department

Boris G.

CEO of "Visoplan"

“The team at Intelvision leveraged their technical expertise and provided us with the required solution. They established a smooth workflow through effective communication and project management skills.”

clutch Intelvision has a clutch recognition

Boris G.

CEO of "Visoplan"

Kyle M.

Owner, Software Company

“Thanks to Intelvision’s development prowess, they successfully developed a seamless and exquisite platform. The team communicated well to provide progress updates and quick responses. They were active, thorough, and skilled in the workflow.”

clutch Intelvision has a clutch recognition

Kyle M.

Owner, Software Company
Intelvision created a project for Flexmoney customer

Jordan H.

Founder of "Flexmoney"

“Their professional efforts with development, support & maintenance, and flexibility met our timelines, budget, and needs.”

Jordan H.

Founder of "Flexmoney"


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Team extension for BIM company – Visoplan
Team extension for BIM company – Visoplan
Dedicated Software Development Team

At Intelvision, we offer an outsourced dedicated development team to drive your business growth.

Web Application Development Services

Intelvision is a web application development company that cares about every client’s success.

Intelvision Ranks Among Top Staff Augmentation Services by Clutch
Intelvision Ranks Among Top Staff Augmentation Services by Clutch
Achievements & Membership
Intelvision Keeps Its Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch
Intelvision Keeps Its Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch
About us

Intelvision is a quickly-growing innovative software company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with development centers in Eastern Europe.

We offer full-cycle IT solutions and consulting services for individuals, startups, and small to medium businesses. 

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