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15 Must-Have Ecommerce Features for Website

The eCommerce market has been growing steadily for the past few years. That is why eCommerce features are essential to make your business flourish.

15 Must-Have eCommerce Features for Successful Websites

The eCommerce business is literally at its peak. This market has been growing steadily for the past few years. Can you believe that it’s been estimated that the number of digital buyers will be up to almost 3 billion by the end of this year?

That is why eCommerce site features are essential to make your business flourish. Intelvision knows for sure how to implement all those features into the best eCommerce platform.

Probably, you are wondering what our team considers to be important when developing an eCommerce business. We do believe that such websites have to be mobile-friendly and responsive. You will ask why? The number of mobile users in 2021 is estimated up to 6.4 billion. If to compare this number with 2019 (5.6 billion), the difference is huge. Intelvision comprehends these numbers and creates high-quality eCommerce businesses. Our team also cares about page speed optimization even when using high-quality product images to provide users with a mobile-friendly user experience and make your website appear at the top of search engines. So, what are the best eCommerce website features? Just wait for it, we will acquaint you with all of them.

Intelvision creates ecommerce features

1. User-Friendly Navigation

Hereinafter we’re going to tell you about must-have features for your eCommerce website. You may ask anyone what is the first thing they pay attention to when visiting the eCommerce platform? No doubt that the answer is navigation. User-friendly navigation guarantees you to get more returning customers and attracts a lot more prospective customers. Intelvision team knows what you need. From the logo and its clickability, sticky main navigation bar, the number of items on the menu bar to the icons used. There are many other eCommerce website features to consider. Anyway, user-friendliness comes first. Our team of professionals knows how to create a UI/UX design, which is interactive and easy to be used by any device, as we pay much attention to mobile-friendly designs.

2. Product Filtering, Sorting

There are a number of features for eCommerce websites that Intelvision takes into account. First of all, we will mention one of the eCommerce features as product sorting and filtering. The success of your business is directly dependent on product findability. Since there are hundreds of products available while doing online shopping, even if you have a perfect business model, you might think of the need for product filtering. The reason is that people have become more aware of the time they spend online. Our team can create the opportunity for users to choose the appropriate product listing by product categories and criteria (sorting) or/and relevance (filtering).

3. Product Reviews

What’s the first thing you do when going to any website? Let us guess. You check the reviews! There’s no wonder why you do that. Intelvision grants product reviews as one of the best eCommerce features. We also recommend you redefine the importance of negative reviews as they jack up your credibility as much as positive reviews. If you want to gain traction, you should also engage your current and potential customers. Product reviews help you build trust, assist with decision-making and boost sales. Our team creates a user-friendly tool for leaving reviews, as it is an important eCommerce feature to make your business succeed.

4. Special Offers and Discounts

There’s no denying that special offers, discounts and other promotion tactics are tough to resist. What’s more, 97% of eCommerce customers pay attention to special offers when visiting websites. Intelvision team uses the best eCommerce solutions in order to make your enterprise prosper. Since we provide you with consulting services as a part of eCommerce development, we suggest digging deeper into such an eCommerce feature as promotional offers. It drives your sales, minimizes losses, builds long-term customer relations, increases brand awareness, and enhances conversions.

5. WishList

Every time we develop eCommerce websites, the Intelvision team introduces our customers (from B2B customers to B2C, C2B and C2C) to the top eCommerce website features, one of which is WishList. We bet that all of you have created your own wish list at least once in your life! When it comes to eCommerce platforms, WishLists are of great use for business owners. Such a tool helps you get acquainted with your customer’s world and the way of thinking drives more traffic to your website and facilitates the procedures with out-of-stock items. Moreover, this eCommerce feature is especially loved by mobile users.

Intelvision creates ecommerce website features

6. Related Products

What do you usually find when scrolling an online store page to its bottom? There is information about some other products you might be interested in. Our team uses such an eCommerce feature as cross-selling when developing an eCommerce platform as there’s a clear argumentation behind it: when a customer can’t find a product that they want, they may eventually get to the related products and product descriptions, which will make them return to the filter options. Thus, we assure you that your traction is to rocket!

7. Shopping cart

A shopping cart is one of the features of eCommerce that fills in the gap between shopping and purchasing. It is a software tool that enables the actual purchase. This tool acquires a customer’s payment method and distributes that information to the payment processor and other parties. Intelvision keeps up with the latest trends and develops such a feature on eCommerce websites for the following reasons: a shopping cart stores information about products; it is a so-called portal to an order and customer management, thus, creating trusted customer relations; it displays product categories and website data. In plain language, it is an online version of a supermarket basket and cash register.

8. Secure Payment Options

Nowadays, most people can’t complete any purchase without their finger or face. If you know what it means, you probably understand how important safety is. Intelvision strongly believes that safety comes first. That is why, the payment process has to be completely safe for the merchant, customer, and payment processor. Funnel integration has been considered to be the best software when it comes to security. We are very careful about choosing the best funnel tool as there are plenty of them to choose from (Funnel Genie, Kartra, ClickFunnels, ThriveCart, etc.). The key criterion we take into account is if that or another funnel integration software supports the best payment gateways, especially those integrating with credit cards and ACH payments in the US.

What is essential about Intelvision’s approach to creating eCommerce websites is that we use WordPress. WordPress is the best option for developing such a business online. It is due to the WooCommerce plugin that our team uses as it renders a full range of options to make your website customizable, payments secure, and shipping configurable. WooCommerce enables the opportunity to make payments by credit cards, checks, bank transfers, and even cash on delivery. Besides this, there are a number of other options of gateways to integrate with such as WooCommerce payments, PayPal, Apple and Google Pay, and the like.

9. Fraud detection integration

According to the statistics, eCommerce fraud is extremely high.

In 2020, 16 billion dollars were lost because of fraud with sales up to 630 billion dollars. Due to the rise in sales, this number will definitely not get lower.

Good news! You can protect yourself and your business by integrating fraud detection as a key eCommerce feature. Intelvision is aware of the importance of such security measures.

When developing eCommerce websites, our team incorporates the main tools for protecting you from fraud. These tools include the following: customization, in-built ML models, platform support, device identification, interface for real-time insights, workflow automation and chargeback feature. With technological development, the major role is played by artificial intelligence and machine learning as well. So, you are lucky to have the team, which has profound expertise in implementing these key eCommerce features.

10. Shipping Information (multiple shipping providers)

Every online business can accomplish the whole cycle of purchase online only with a shipping strategy. Establishing such a strategy is not the only aspect that our team takes into consideration. An eCommerce shipping strategy is about choosing the best shipping methods, evaluating shipping costs and rates, comparing shipping carriers, selecting eCommerce packaging (including labels), providing insurance, tracking shipments, and, of course, creating shipping integration (and APIs). As we’ve already mentioned, Intelvision practices to use the WooCommerce tool that has several options of integration to choose from including 3PL. Moreover, eCommerce stores with the use of WooCommerce plugin is a user and mobile-friendly website. It is very useful in terms of mobile usage growth because it allows for the mobile app both for IOS and Android. Among other benefits, it saves your time as it includes live shipping rates provided by the major carriers, automated tax calculations, and even a possibility to print labels yourself.

Intelvision develops Features of ecommerce

11. Online chat

Right off the bat, online chat is one of the top eCommerce features, which our team includes in eCommerce platforms. Such a feature of an eCommerce website shows your existing and potential customers that you respect their time. That is because live chats save their time waiting on the phone or for an email answer. Moreover, you save your time as well. You can manage more than one customer at a time with its help what makes the work of your business more efficient. The Intelvision team suggests using live chat features for all our customers. Such software may even provide instant message replies, which are stored in your knowledge database (Intercom or Beacon may be applied).

12. Marketing tool integration

Marketing automation is an important tool to grow your online business. Moreover, it optimizes a lot of processes, which previously were carried out by marketers.

Intelvision consults all our customers on integrating this eCommerce feature into your website.

Along with the abovementioned benefits, marketing automation also simplifies work for your staff, for conducting financial reports, and providing quality customer management. When talking about customer management, we can’t help mentioning the CRM tool that we use for eCommerce businesses. In the 21st century satisfied customer is the criterion by which you can measure your business success. As online businesses lack face-to-face interaction with customers, the CRM system comes in handy because it collects all the needed data. You can use this data in order to adapt your marketing strategy with the help of marketing integration software to meet your customers’ needs and expectations. There are a lot of such marketing tools available. Our team is there to help you choose the best, which suits your business. 


13. SMS and Email integration

How often do you spend a day without your phone? Exactly! As we’ve mentioned earlier, marketing integration is crucial for driving sales. But it doesn’t work without SMS and Email integration tools. The reason why this eCommerce website feature is significant you may find answering the question above. This eCommerce feature puts your product right in front of your target audience. Intelvision team suggests implementing this feature to apply it to the following purposes: informing your customers about products, sending promotions, providing order information, sending promo codes, etc.

14. Google Analytics integration

One more important marketing tool is Google Analytics. Intelvision considers it to be an integral eCommerce feature for a number of reasons. First of all, eCommerce business provides products and/or services online, so it isn’t that easy to grab the needed information about customers’ behavior, habits, and PoS. Once again, there is one more tool that may save your time and money, while still providing you with information about your website performance and insights of the audience, conversion, acquisition, and engagement.

15. Ecommerce Blog

All eCommerce enterprises care about their marketing strategies, strong web presence, revenue, and success in general. Owning a cool blog on your eCommerce website is one more key feature that you have to think of. Our team consults all our clients (B2B customers, as well as B2C, C2B, and C2C) to start blogging. First, you need to define the goal of your eCommerce company’s blog, be consistent and build on your company’s brand. One more feature within your blog should be a section with FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). You will not only provide your customers with up-to-date information but also prepare for them a lot of answers to the questions they may have.

Intelvision enables best ecommerce features

Start Creating eCommerce Website with Intelvision

Intelvision is the best choice when it comes to choosing a software company to develop an eCommerce website for you, adjusting all the must-have features we’ve talked about to it. We are responsible for everything we do. We have a team of experts who do know what they do. We can always consult you on the best options taking into consideration all your wishes and needs.

Our expertise lets us create high-quality products, with the help of which you will reach your target audience no matter the device they use. So, do your business, make it prosper, and leave the rest for us, as our team will take care of technological advancements, eCommerce website design, and building loyal customer relations leading to the best user experience.

Intelvision develops features for ecommerce website

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a lot of must-have eCommerce website features to include when developing your website. After reading this piece you can save for yourself the whole eCommerce website features list. Since the market is developing so rapidly, you should incorporate all of them. The thing is that they all have to be balanced and reasonable, creating the best user experience for customers from the moment they insert a text in the search bar.

Keep in mind that you have to consider the type of business, market and competitors, security measures, your needs, and customers’ expectations when choosing that or another top eCommerce feature for your website. But also remember that you shouldn’t worry about that when you rely on the team of professionals. That is like the perfect match – an experienced and skilled team, like Intelvision, to take care of your eCommerce platform and you and your expertise to take care of sales and developing your product or service. Spend time wisely!