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Dedicated Development Team: Why Work With Intelvision?

Why Choose Intelvision and Their Dedicated Team?

Intelvision cooperates with various enterprises and provides the best services to each client. Our company aims to satisfy our potential customers and help them gain proper results from the project. We guarantee that no member will be switched to another task while working on your project. For us, the priority is all the client’s requirements for a full understanding of the task. Despite the advantages you should know about our company, there are also Intelvision values. 

Our values

We believe that only by focusing on high business requirements and standards profitable high-tech results and success can be achieved. Respect and open-mindedness are in the first place for us to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with our customers and colleagues.

By implementing a work-life balance and treating our workdays as a wonderful adventure, we constantly work to inspire everyone to achieve the top with us. In addition, honesty is our best policy to maintain a respectful memory of our team, while reliability is a prerequisite for our work ethics. As a result, each of our clients is very important for us so our dedicated teams provide high-grade services, applying innovations and taking into account their requirements.

Benefits of Intelvision's Dedicated Development Team

Cost-efficient model

To start with, it is economically reasonable to hire an experienced dedicated team rather than building a crew of your own. By hiring a dedicated team, you can save a lot of different resources on your business, including office space rent, hiring costs, training, onboarding, etc. Another great advantage and economic aspect of hiring dedicated teams is the fact that if needed, dedicated teams are ready to work immediately, and you do not have to assemble them yourself. You simply describe the work and the type of project, and you are instantly provided with a team of experts.

Control over the processes

The client has total control of all aspects of the project – from resources to developers. Our dedicated teams can work with you both remotely and possibly traveling to the office, according to your wish. As a customer, you can be actively involved in making the process most efficient for your business. For instance, you can just hire your dedicated development team and let them work on the project. Moreover, you can also hire them and work with the team directly to achieve your goals, with a more dedicated team approach.

Collaboration support

In some cases, we focus on long-term planning, so Intelvision works not only with developers but also between the team and the client. This means that our dedicated developers can accept suggestions, comments and adjust priorities during the whole work process. By providing more information to the remote team, which they require, the working process will be conducted more specifically and the project will be delivered as you desired. By choosing this outsourcing model, you also select a successful business partnership. You can hold regular meetings and conversations, in which our dedicated teams are always available to participate.

Access to expert knowledge

Relying on your team of professionals, the skills you can use can be limited. Also, the same team of developers will work on each of your projects. This can lead to stagnation of thoughts and ideas and can hinder your company’s ability to work on several dynamic, diverse projects. Get access to experts in narrow fields by hiring them together with specialized teams.Use their knowledge to perform various tasks, and form a team of experts who will skillfully carry out your projects. As a result, hiring an outsourced development team is no longer a problem. Each team will be a new set of experts with different specialties, each of which corresponds to a specific aspect of the task.

Engagement Models for Hiring Intelvision Dedicated Development Teams

There are three main engagement models for hiring Intelvision dedicated development teams. Let’s take a closer look at why they are important and their peculiarities.

Managed product model

This is an ideal choice if you want to have complete control over the whole process with maximum predictability. This model is suitable for you, when you know exactly what you want from the project, you can visualize the final product, estimate the time and budget. A dedicated development team will work with you from the beginning to the stages of production, maintenance, and ongoing improvement. Here are the stages of this model:

  • Defining business goals
  • Project evaluation and proof of concept 
  • Research and design
  • Development
  • Maintenance and support after launch

If you do not need to create a product from scratch, but only expand your capabilities with the help of additional experts, we recommend you look at the following models.

Extended team model

This model is suitable when you know your business goals and ways to achieve them. Furthermore, you already have a team of developers who will work on your project. All you need is additional specialists to work with. The extended team model is a sufficient opportunity for technology managers who are looking for a team of dedicated experts for a specific period. You can also hire a project manager, business analyst, or team leader, but you will be responsible for the project strategy. Saving time and money are the main reasons for choosing this model, rather than rushing to hire short-term experts locally.

Dedicated development team model

When the ultimate goal is unclear but you have a common direction, this model may be the most appropriate. It is also a good choice when you already have your team but you need to increase your workforce. Maybe at the next level, your project can change dramatically, and you do not have the possibility of hiring a completely different team of developers locally. The dedicated team model is a great opportunity to combine forces with a remote team of professionals to achieve the best results.

Intelvision dedicated development teams

Dedicated Development Team Structure

A dedicated team is one of the three most popular collaboration models between a client and a software development service provider. If clients choose to implement the dedicated team model, they want to see a team of professionals carefully selected according to the requirements of a specific project. A dedicated software development team may include:

  • Front-end engineers: professionals who code and verify the elements and functionality of the user interface.
  • Back-end engineers: they focus on the development of internal logic and background components.
  • QA engineers: these professionals are responsible for the project quality and assure clients that the product is bug-free and ready to use.
  • UX/UI designers: they are in charge of creating an intuitive, simple, and engaging experience for the user.
  • DevOps engineers: professionals that track the developers’ work and coordinate development, operations, and testing efforts.
  • Business analysts: they are links between the IT team and the business, checking all processes, and offering suggestions and reports to executives.
  • Project managers: the leaders of the development team. They monitor the entire development process and implement improvements if needed.

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Aspects to Know before Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Awareness of the software development processes

You need to be fully aware of all the nuances of the software development process. Clearly understand the responsibilities and obligations of both parties to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

Capabilities of your experts

As you work on the project, find out some details of your remote experts. Like your in-house team, they can be useful in other projects, and knowing some additional key strengths of your team members can save time in the future.

Signing an NDA

The protection of confidential information is crucial today. The matter of trust and security is one of the priorities of outsourcing in general. Before working with the dedicated team, check the intellectual property policies and NDA before the start of the processes related to the development. Remember, it is possible to sign a personal NDA with each hired expert.

Detailed and transparent contract

The contract you sign must have a clear description, including a detailed explanation of the development process, payment, invoicing protocols, credit periods, limits, as well as warranty conditions and terms.

Intelvision Expertise in Remote Development with a Dedicated Team

Intelvision is a partner for innovative organizations that assist in research and software development. We help clients in the fields of education, FinTech, accounting, e-commerce and healthcare create a software product that meets all standards and is useful for the consumer. Intelvision specializes not only in research and development but also works with such concepts as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data.

Intelvision is proud to be a reliable development partner, not just an outsourcing provider. We focus on building long-term relationships with any short-term benefits, acquiring project ownership and development together with our partners.

Intelvision has been working with all our partners for over 4 years. Our team consists of more than 20 professionals who are ready to make all your requests a reality. Our partners can always communicate not only with management but also with each specialist to get the detailed information about the progress. You can also learn more about our projects and how our dedicated team model works by surfing through our website.

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Hire Intelvision Dedicated Development Team

Leverage our broad expertise by hiring the Intelvision dedicated team of specialists for your projects.

The first important thing about the Intelvision company is that our experts constantly improve their knowledge in spheres where our clients work or plan to launch a business. The experience of our professionals is expanding every year to understand our customers better and solve different sorts of problems with the tasks. Moreover, reliability and trust. The only way to succeed is to establish a trusted partnership in business. It’s the way that we have chosen. In this case, the client can rely on our development team without hesitation and be sure of the proper results of the project.

The next essential benefit to hire a dedicated development team is the technological expertise. We are technology enthusiasts and work only with mature experts.We are ready to face challenges and difficulties. We always accept and successfully solve them. One more fact about Intelvision is that we are always accurate in our decisions and loyal to our customers. In the development process, our dedicated development team is looking for the most suitable technological implementation to ensure a quality result. To understand all the requirements of the clients and offer them an individual approach and personal solutions to the problem, it is important to have a good rapport with clients.

Our primary goal is to build long-term relations. We listen to requirements and adjust to the client’s mindset. And the last but essential advantage that is worth your attention is rapid implementation. Each client wants to get their project as soon as possible. That is why we use modern development approaches to work better, faster, and be more transparent.

Intelvision dedicated software development team


To conclude the above information, a dedicated team model is the best option for both startups and well-established businesses. For enterprises that seek long-term collaboration, the dedicated partnership comes as the best fit in terms of optimal cost and dedicated developers.

Taking into account all these aspects, you can decide for yourself whether you need a dedicated team. If you still have doubts about which cooperation model will suit you most, do not hesitate to contact us. Intelvision’s development team will choose a dedicated approach that meets your requirements.


– What is a dedicated development team?

A dedicated development team is a group of professionals, provided by a software vendor with a predefined qualification and skill set to solve current or existing software development tasks for your organization. Typically, a dedicated development team complements or improves existing on-site software development capabilities.

– How do we manage a dedicated team model?

Intelvision has extensive experience in working on a dedicated team model. Together with the client, we mutually agree on all the requirements of the project within the specified time. Then Intelvision provides IT professionals who meet customer’s needs.