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Top 6 Leading .NET Trends in 2023

Technological development is happening so fast that it is getting a bit challenging to keep up with the latest .Net trends. However, more and more developers claim that they use .Net and .Net Core as well as machine-learning prominent web development frameworks (especially deep learning platform TensorFlow, used in Xamarin too). 

Microsoft is continually putting massive investments into making the .NET platform even smarter, more reliable, and more scalable. Small companies are also investing in .NET by choosing it as their primary application development platform.

If you are wondering what .NET developer technologies and development trends will dominate in 2023, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to immerse you into the world of the latest in Dot .NET technologies and frameworks trends our Intelvision team has pointed out.

What is .Net?

Briefly speaking, the .NET platform is the whole range of technologies and services. It is a Microsoft invention, and it has got the entire infrastructure custom-developed. Moreover, .Net development is constantly changing: the Microsoft team gathers a huge .NET community that puts .Net technologies as a priority. This technology is trending and suits medium-sized and large companies the best. 

The .NET platform was developed around 2002. The main goal pursued by its creators is the ability to develop apps of various types (primarily web) that can be run on different devices. The basis of .NET is the CLR (Common Language Runtime), which allows you to abstract from programming languages and execute code uniformly on all platforms.

More than 20 years have passed, but .Net is still popular even though there are new generation platforms, such as .Net Core. Nowadays, .Net allows you to use the same namespaces, libraries, and APIs for different languages:

  • C#;
  • Visual Basic;
  • Visual C++;
  • F#.

Since 2016, the CLR has become an efficient cross-platform framework, and .NET began to move in the direction of what we know the platform now — a convenient tool for developing various web and mobile applications that can run on both Windows and Unix-based systems.

Just last year, 2019, the announcement was made that Microsoft framework technologies are merging all the different .NET products like the .NET framework and .NET Core framework into one single .NET.

Our dedicated software development team of professionals has profound experience in creating desktop applications as well as mobile applications using that or another .Net technology, prominent web development framework, and/or tool. 

Many companies are blindly hitting the spot when it comes to the .NET app development project because of the trust and proven results so more and more businesses are showing interest in its utilization. We must also know what trends make .NET stand still and yet ahead of other developing frameworks. Therefore, let’s start digging into the latest game-changing .NET trends in the development market.

Is .NET Development still relevant in 2023?

ASP.NET Core & ASP.NET was rated as the favorite web frameworks in the Stack Overflow developer survey.

.Net is not only relevant but also primary in the web development area. It is rapidly evolving and improving. As it is getting stronger, we may expect to receive even more features and functionalities in 2023. 

Big companies like Microsoft and Amazon are putting big investments in the .NET ecosystem. Many small companies are also creating new web projects using .NET as their primary development platform.

Intelvision works with desktop application

However, nowadays, Google trends come up with various queries showing that more and more people are searching for ASP.NET Core-related topics rather than traditional ASP.Net-related topics. This indicates that the IT industry is moving towards or ready to adopt the new culture of open-source software development.

In addition to this, Microsoft has been continuously working hard to push out new updates and upgrades in this popular ecosystem. Over 100,000 contributions from Microsoft itself, whereas over 3,700 companies outside Microsoft support. NET.

Our advice is to keep your eyes on the ball and wait for what Microsoft is to offer in the upcoming year. .Net core programming language has already provided us with opportunities for app development, servers, and cloud storage. So let’s keep up with what is going to be next.

Where is .NET used?

The range of products that developers are working on is quite extensive. Let’s consider the most popular areas where .Net technology is used.

Web app development

Web-based applications are one of the common groups of digital products that are written under .Net. Such applications work through a browser and require a stable Internet connection. This may include simple one-page sites, but most often these are large-scale projects that require a lot of effort.

Client-side site applications

Client-side site applications are products that run on personal computers and mobile devices. Windows applications such as notepad and calculator have been developed using .NET. But this is only a small part of what can be done on .Net. For example, the technology has been used in NinjaTrader and Tradesignal, as well as in the business analyst application Microsoft Power BI.

Computer games

Using .Net, you can create various games under Unity. Examples are Inside, Kerbal Space Program, Endless Legend, and Pokemon Go. 

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a huge number of devices that are connected to the Internet in order to exchange data with other “‎things”‎ and applications. Devices use built-in sensors to collect data and act on them. Application examples range from a smart home that automatically controls heating and lighting to a smart factory that monitors industrial machines to identify issues. .NET can also be used here, for example using Raspberry PI with Windows 10 IoT Core.


Enterprise is the area of developing products to solve business problems. Such products include CRM for tracking customer behavior, as well as information management and document management systems.

Such systems are most often a combination of web, desktop, and mobile apps. Getting started with Enterprise requires knowledge of C#, .NET, and JavaScript, as well as the tools that are the basis for the Enterprise product being designed.

Top 6 .NET trends to look for in 2023

It does not matter if you have business in eCommerce, Healthcare, Construction, Energy, or any other industry, make yourself comfortable and read carefully about the latest technology trends for .Net. We have pinpointed the top 6 .Net trends to expect in 2023. 

.NET 6 framework

This open-source platform is something everyone was looking forward to for a while and it is .Net latest technology. We are talking about .Net 6 which is an open-source and cross-platform framework. For you to fully comprehend the value of this framework, let us give you the reasons to use it in software development:

  • It is supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS so you may create desktop applications and platforms for all of them. What is more, it is a Long-Term Support (LTS) release as Microsoft claims.   
  • With this framework, you сат be provided with mobile app development for Windows, Android, and IOS with the same code base.  
  • While using the .Net 6 framework you can either use existing or create (or deploy) your cloud services. Moreover, the existing clouds can be used by any framework. 
  • In the 21st century, machine learning has become a tool to enhance one’s business, boost revenue and even attract new investments. According to statistics, the global market of machine learning was up to 8 billion dollars in 2021, and it is estimated to be up to 117 billion dollars by 2027. It is good to know that with the .Net 6, you can develop an application adding different algorithms, speech processing, and models.  
  • So far, it has been considered the fastest full-stack framework. The new version improves performance and reduces the costs needed.
  • One of the best things about this new .Net 6 is that .NET developers can spend much less time on writing code as these new C# 10 language features cut down on the amount of required code to write.   
  • With such minimal web APIs, the microservices you write are faster and smaller, and it takes significantly less time and less effort.   
  • .Net 6 is also about unification as it puts together SDK and base libraries, as well as the runtime over browser, cloud service, desktop, IoT, and mobile applications. They all operate on the same libraries and share code.
  • Moreover, together with Visual Studio, .Net 6 is capable of intelligent code editing, robust diagnostics, hot reload, new git tooling, different testing tools, and, of course, much better collaboration. 

Azure Cloud

One more trending service is Azure Cloud, which is regarded as one of the leading cloud platforms (both public and private). Microsoft Azure takes almost one-fourth of the market and is especially popular among enterprises (90% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure). 

The reasons to use Azure Cloud:  

  • It has many data centers, the number of which is constantly expanding. Due to this, it is easy to meet certain legal requirements and be closer to users.   
  • You may for sure rely on Microsoft Azure as it is secured on many levels, a lot of money is regularly invested in research and development and thousands of experts monitor its safety.
  • Microsoft Azure provides a hybrid cloud offering that enables it to connect private and public clouds.
  • Azure is the leader in terms of compliance offerings. When developing business applications and .NET platforms, you may protect all your data thanks to this Cloud.
  • It is well integrated with other technologies and tools (e.g. Visual Studio, File Storage, Active Directory). 
  • Probably the most important reason to use Azure Cloud development is that according to their privacy policies, no one is allowed to use your data and you know where it is stored. Basically, data is protected from advertising and marketing tricks. 

So, if you seek to create a new website or web app compatible with all popular operating systems, hiring a .Net development company is your best bet!

Blazor Framework

One more trending service is Blazor which is a single-page application framework, and it is exploited when creating interactive client-side web apps using C#, HTML, and CSS with .Net framework

Blazor framework derives from ASP.Net features and enhances developers’ choice of tools and libraries while building different business applications

As we have mentioned with previous trending services, there are certain reasons to use the Blazor framework as well:   

  1. You may create interactive user interfaces on C# (not using JS); subsequently, you get apps that are built of reusable UI components. You may also share code and libraries as client and server code are both written in C#. Such sharing is possible due to .Net framework Standard everywhere where .Net code is applied.   
  2. What is common about Blazor is that client-side C# code can operate directly in a browser with the use of Web Assembly. Of course, it may alternatively operate on a server with the use of SignaIR.
  3. Moreover, Blazor code in the browser is no different from JS in terms of security sandbox conduct. However, web standards are opened with no additional plugins or transpilations when using Blazor.
  4. What is interesting about using the Blazor framework is that you may continue using JS for the client side while building the whole logic in C#.

ML.NET 1.4

As we have already mentioned, machine learning is rapidly gaining traction. That is why ML.Net 1.4 is a must nowadays. It is also open-source and cross-platform as .Net 6, but it is only a machine learning platform. It is also the latest technology in Microsoft NET technologies.

Probably, the main reason to use ML.Net 1.4 framework is that it is a machine-learning platform, but let us give you some other reasons to use it when developing apps:   

  • ML.Net makes it possible to build custom machine-learning models using C# and F# in the .Net ecosystem to easily integrate them into applications.   
  • With the latest separate version, you may create predictions using in-memory images. It means that you are way more flexible than ever before.  
  • ML.Net has the highest accuracy and speed of training. What is more, you can train that or another machine learning model to stop training when the precision is achieved. So, you may adjust training cycles to your needs.   
  • An important part of deep machine learning is integrating learning rate schedulers, which are present in ML.Net and bring some randomness into the system. 
  • This platform is designed in a way that you may use other frameworks in order to enhance machine-learning opportunities and brighten up your web application development experience. Among such services, there are image classification (or image recognition), object identifiers, etc.

Security With .NET Framework

The development of any type of web application requires a rigorous look at its security features. It is not only because of the use of such modules as payment gateways, confidential and sensitive data but also data involved in the development process. The security with .Net framework has what it needs for privacy protection, support, and security.

Intelvision creates mobile applications

The reasons to implement it into your business web applications and complex websites:  

  1. You get the support of MVC architecture (the latest technology in .Net Framework) with its features. It helps you to build .NET applications fast.
  2. You may integrate code access security, ask for validation and implement encryption. This way you secure all the data, maintain privacy and get regular updates for security.


When someone asks, “What is the latest technology in .Net?”, we will answer Xamarin. It is a free open-source and cross-platform app technology used in order to build Android and IOS applications with the use of .Net core programming language and C#. Enterprise companies and software developers when creating native mobile apps rely on it. 

Intevision and latest in dot net technologies

If you want to build applications with the use of Xamarin, you are to develop them using .Net Core 3.1 technology. Xamarin has many exciting features and reasons to use it:   

  1. Every time you use Xamarin, you develop native apps that are apps that will work exactly the way users anticipate.   
  2. As it is free, there are no fees even for commercial usage.
  3. When developing apps using Xamarin, you get access to a huge community that can always answer all your questions related to the web development process or the different effective tools Xamarin has to offer.
  4. Xamarin is compatible with Azure, which is why you get access to an enormous storage capacity.
  5. Moreover, UIs are amazing with the use of Xamarin. Forms, which is an open-source mobile framework. Also Xamarin.Forms are cross-platform; so, when you build one application, you get both an Android and IOS app from the same codebase.
  6. Furthermore, being a part of the whole .Net framework ecosystem, 75% of the code written in Xamarin can be shared all over the platform.

In Conclusion

As you could have noticed, there are a lot of options to choose from. In order to make the most of it, you should hire a trusted and experienced .Net developer who would create a customized app. If you are to build mobile applications, dynamic websites, or business web applications, the .Net framework has everything you need.

Finally, we have approached the case we were longing to share with you. We provided team extension services while working on Visoplan, a BIM system that aims to simplify planning for construction projects. It improved collaboration within the construction industry and at the same time advanced digitization by creating innovative features and optimizing existing functions. The key technologies we used were React, C#, ASP .Net Core, Razor pages, .Net 5.0, etc.

When your business is at stake, you should be well aware of the importance of choosing the right technology stacks. Intelvision can provide you with software development consulting services and introduce you to the best .Net framework opportunities for your type of business.