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It can be difficult to manage all your work and business processes, as well as to track progress. Instead of having several micro-management applications for multiple projects, time tracking, and project management that will only confuse and get you lost in the professional environment, it is better to have one internal service system. Find out how work management software lets our client monitor workload, master employee resource planning, and boost productivity.

Web Application
Mobile Application
3-6 Months
Heating equipment manufacturing
Founded 1899
16k in-house specialists

About the company

The Vaillant Group is a global market leader in the wall-hung boiler segment. The Group’s activities focus on the development of green products, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly products in particular, with the aim of achieving sustainable and profitable growth.
We collaborated with the Ukrainian technical department of the company, agreeing on all critical tasks and exchanging ideas for a more effective development process.

Vaillant project is a custom work management system, a powerful resource management tool, featuring various features, from 1C system integration, and mobile version, to push notifications, and PDF file processing.


Challenge & Pains

Lack of one tool to organize all work

It quite often happens that it is difficult to manage all the working processes. Instead of having several micromanagement services that will only confuse and get you lost in the professional environment, it is better to have one internal system. We have created a web and mobile work management system to manage the performed work by the company’s employees with the possibility to generate reports and send notifications.

Lack of integration with the necessary resources

The main challenge was to create a work management system and add features that allow managing the company’s internal order management process with a new approach:

  • System of Web and Mobile applications to manage work and orders, as well as create new tasks from several devices.
  • Push notifications for employees according to the working tasks.
  • Third-party integration of the 1C system (accounting software)
  • Possibility to generate PDF reports with information about the orders.
Request to develop a custom ready-to-use software solution from scratch

Our goal was to develop a cost-effective, functional, and flexible work management system for the whole company from scratch. The solution had to be easy to use so that no technical experience was required.

A Tight Time Frame

We had only 3 months to develop the software, and it had to be released before the fall when there is the greatest influx of people who want to order new boilers and diagnose the existing ones before winter.

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Operations are challenging. Plans and schedules become outdated. Resource availability changes. We created a better way to manage everything. Vaillant as a working management system lets our client remove barriers, empower his team, find clarity, plan projects, manage resources, and exceed business goals with powerful features.
The development of an MVP and the first batch of extra features took 3 full months.

  • Front end:

    Angular 2+, Xamarin Forms

  • Back end:

    MS SQL, .NET Core 2.1.

  • CI/CD:

    Azure DevOps

  • Cloud:

    Azure Web Apps, Azure Blob storage

  • Related technologies:

    CRM, ERP, Automation

  • Tools we used:

    Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Firebase, Docker, Git, Google Maps

Service line:
Software architecture design
Project planning
Product release
Software architecture design
Project planning
Product release

How we fixed the pains

Mobile Version Release
Intelvision provides mobile applications development

We wake up with the phone and use the Internet from the phone. Smartphones are always nearby, and therefore we have developed a mobile application so that our client and his employees can conveniently manage work processes from anywhere.

Intelvison knows how to automate the process

Our client can create reminders, recurring tasks, IFTTT automation, and more to build processes, reduce busywork, and save time. Just in a few simple clicks.

Offline Mode
Intelvision provides mobile applications development

The offline mode of work management software we have created provides functionality to save orders on the phone and sync them later when the Wi-Fi connection is stable. It is a critical feature while working remotely or on the go. Offline mode functionality will increase the efficiency of the team’s work regardless of the Internet connection speed.

1C Integration
Intelvision knows how to work with the integrations for your solution

We have integrated a third-party accountant system (1C) into our custom work management system software, to sync the service internal system and accounting tool.

Intelvision provides mobile applications development
Intelvison knows how to automate the process
Intelvision provides mobile applications development
Intelvision knows how to work with the integrations for your solution
3 months
to implement a stable product from Scratch
more orders on average completed by an engineer
faster payment from customers for completed work
customer service satisfaction increased

More features


Every employee who has access to the system can sign up and log in to the web, and mobile apps using credentials based on the role.

QR Code Scanner

The employee can open the product catalog, scan the barcode and find the information about the product.

Admin Panel

This feature provides the system administrator ability to manage orders, assign tasks, interact with customers and generate PDF reports.

Mobile push notifications

Have an important meeting coming up? Our work management software sends push notifications to the needed employee on various system actions.

Customer reports

The report of work and ordered parts can be easily sent in a PDF report to the customer.

What our customer says

Serhii P.
What I liked about Intelvision's team was that they asked in detail about what we wanted to accomplish and understood our requirements. They were very communicative and result-oriented.
Serhii P.
Head of the service department
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Why choose us?

Domain knowledge

Our experts dive deeply into every sphere where our clients operate or plan to launch a business. A proven track record in various niches expands every year.

Reliability and trust

We believe that establishing a trusted partnership in business is the only way to success. At least it’s the way that we’ve chosen.

Technological expertise

We are technology enthusiasts and work only with experts. Technical complexity is a challenge that we’re always accepting and tackling.

Accuracy and devotion

Solving technological puzzles, looking for the most suitable technological implementation, and never compromising quality. That’s how we work.

Rapport with clients

Building long-term relations with clients’ needs at the forefront is our primary goal. We listen to requirements and adjust to the client’s mindset.

Rapid implementation

From agile to DevOps to continuous delivery, we use modern development approaches to work better, faster, and more transparently.

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Team extension for BIM company – Visoplan
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Intelvision Ranks Among Top Staff Augmentation Services by Clutch
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Intelvision Keeps Its Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch
Intelvision Keeps Its Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch
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