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The main challenge was to create a work management system and add features that allow managing the company’s internal order management process with a new approach: 

  • System of Web and Mobile applications to manage work and orders, as well as create new tasks from several devices 
  • Push notifications for employees according to the working tasks 
  • Third-party integration of the 1C system (accounting software) 
  • Possibility to generate PDF reports with the information about the orders.

Customizable processes 

  • Allowing our client to structure work to suit the team’s particular needs, while he can plan projects, refine processes, develop actionable plans, and innovate faster. All while meeting business goals.
  • Questions about tracking time, how to manage work, or use a custom solution further were handled by our dedicated support team.
Intelvision custom software development clock


5 months
Intelvision custom software development techstack


.NET Core 2.1 / Angular 2+ / Xamarin Forms / MS SQL
Intelvision custom software development team

Team size

1 Full-stack Developer
1 Xamarin Developer
1 QA
1 Project Manager
Intelvision custom software development industry


Heating equipment manufacturing

Tools we used

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Web Application Development

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Dedicated Software Development Team

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Software Support and Maintenance

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Software Development Consulting

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The minimum amount of manual work

We have customized all internal processes to work in the automation mode and without the need to spend time on manual tedious tasks.

Time management

Reach your business goals with Intelvision work management system. Manage time, track work hours, coordinate plans, projects, and processes across your entire organization, improve team collaboration efficiency, and increase overall productivity.

Intelvision vaillant project for internal service system pic

Third-party integrations

We have integrated a third-party accountant system (1C) into our custom work management system software.

PDF reports generation

We have made it possible to generate PDF files with the information about the orders.

Mobile push notifications

Our work management software sends push notifications to the needed employee on various system actions.

Intelvision vaillant project for internal service system life

Customer reports

The report of work and ordered parts can be easily sent in a PDF report to the customer.


Order Management

One of the key features of the working management system Intelvision’s developers have created for our client is order management. With such functionality, the team member can handle the order by receiving the push notification, as well as interact with points (orders) on the map.

Intelvision vaillant order management

Map with Orders

This feature allows seeing the location of orders on the map. By clicking on the point, it provides additional information about the order.

Intelvision vaillant map with orders

PDF Generation

Using the PDF generation feature in the work management system, users can easily download the PDF reports of the order and show them to the client.

Intelvision vaillant PDF generation

Offline Mode

The offline mode of work management software we have created provides functionality to save orders on the phone and sync them later when the Wi-Fi connection is stable. It is a critical feature while working remotely or on the go. Offline mode functionality will increase the efficiency of the team’s work regardless of the Internet connection speed.

Intelvision vaillant offline mode

More features

  1. Login/Registration Every employee who has access to the system can sign up and log in to the web and mobile apps using credentials based on the role.
  2. QR Code Scanner The employee can open the product catalog, scan the barcode and find the information about the product.
  3. 1C Integration We have integrated the 1C accounting system to sync the service internal system and accounting tool.
  4. Admin Panel This feature provides the system administrator ability to manage orders, assign tasks, interact with customers and generate PDF reports.

What our customer says

Intelvision task management software development client

What I liked about Intelvision’s team was that they asked in detail about what we actually wanted to accomplish and understood our requirements. They were very communicative and result-oriented.

Serhii P., Head of service department
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