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Construction Software: Finding Solutions to Industry Challenges or Why It’s Time to Ditch Piles of Paper

According to a report by management consulting McKinsey & Company, the construction industry was one of the lowest-ranked industries for digitization. In 2012, only 16% of the entire sector was using software solutions. Now 85% of construction companies are using technology or are planning to use software solutions in the future. However, the slower uptake has resulted 

in doubts among business owners and managers about the need to adopt new or fully embrace new technology. 

However, nearly every person in a construction project can dramatically improve their working process with specialized software. Technology in construction is revolutionizing almost every aspect of the business. As the construction industry expands over the next few years, you should adopt the latest tech driving construction forward. 

Read on to learn more about how construction IT solutions are changing the way you do business, how their adoption will help you keep pace, and what technology is bringing to the industry.

3 Signs Your Business Needs Construction Software Urgently

If you run a construction business, you must know that juggling multiple projects while also providing quality work and customer service is tricky. That’s why it is important to consider adopting software to plan, run, and manage construction projects successfully. 

Software solutions benefit your construction company in a few ways. Most importantly, they increase productivity, lead to better project supervision, and boost customer satisfaction. How do you know it is the right time to adopt construction software? 

  • You have trouble communicating efficiently with your customers and workers. Construction projects require a lot of coordination between people. One breakdown in communication can cause a domino effect and delay all of the projects.

Construction software helps avoid poor project scheduling that can result in overbooked crews, and lets you store and organize important project documents, which helps deliver projects on time and within budget. It also sends real-time notifications to your staff and clients about project changes. Additionally, you gain access to team calendars and a centralized dashboard to monitor the progress of all of your projects.

  • You spend too much time at your desk instead of at the job site. Spending too much time rummaging through piles of paper searching for missing invoices, client details, or important project documents is a sign you need construction management software to better manage your projects. With it, you can upload and save all your files, and paperwork in an online repository. All of the information will be readily available, and you’ll have access to it from anywhere, at any time. 
  • You struggle with accounting, budgeting, or estimating. Get construction project management software that will track the project budget in real-time, manage payroll, set reminders for outstanding payments, handle finances better and easier. Manual methods can lead to inaccurate quotes due to the lack of updated information. As a result, it will lead to unhappy customers. 

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How Technology in Construction is Revolutionizing the Industry

The success of a construction project depends on how effectively a company can manage its resources and time. Software solutions can automate the management process, making it easier to improve the company’s productivity and efficiency. Here are some of the key benefits of using construction software.

More Efficient Performance

The right tools will help you to make the best use of your time and resources. Moreover, according to SaasList specialized software saves the average employee 498 hours per year.

Better Profitability Predictions

Based on data, for every $1 billion invested in the US, $122 million was wasted due to lacking project performance. The right software tools will enable you to assess the profitability of each project and identify ways to save money without compromising on the quality of work.

Cost Control and Efficiency

Statistically, large construction projects generally come in at a whopping 80% over budget. Construction software allows you to keep a running audit of spending as well as provide overarching insight into where the money is going, and to get closer to hitting your target budget. Beyond that, construction software helps avoid costly manual accounting and invoicing mistakes. 

Safer Job Site 

Drones, wearable devices, real-time chats, and other advanced technology make it easier to watch the job site from remote locations. Technology such as special lenses and augmented reality capabilities can even provide early warnings about hazards, and keep track of how much time someone has spent on the job site. Both criteria are important, and breaks are essential—tired workers are more prone to making errors, and (as a result) to injury.

Easy and Efficient Document Control

It’s important to store all the documents virtually, in the cloud, instead of taking up space in the office or at home. It also means wherever you are, you can access any documentation or info from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

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Construction IT

A Worthwhile Investment

What does your team want most? A vacation to Los Cabos? Okay, that one was obvious, who doesn’t? More importantly, your team wants tools to help them get their work done faster, and efficiently, as well as to automate routine tasks as much as possible. 

Powerful custom construction software is one way to help your team meet this goal. Whether it is assigning tasks, collaborating on projects, tracking time, or documenting processes for smoother internal processes, there’s so much you can do with software solutions.

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