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Power Your Projects: How to Hire .NET Developers in 2023?

Websites and apps can help you increase awareness of your company, attract new customers, and engage with them online. If you’re interested in producing innovative software, that’s where .NET comes in. You can hire .NET developers to reduce product development time and create user-friendly and profitable software solutions.   

In this article, we will list the top hard and soft skills .NET programmers should have and give you practical steps to hire the best .NET experts for your project.

The Key Benefits of .NET Frameworks

.NET helps you build from the simplest to the most complex web applications. Created by Microsoft, the framework is a top choice for businesses to create innovative software products. .NET ranks among the top 3 frameworks in demand. The only two tools leading are React and Node.js. 

.NET is the preferred tool to create web apps and web services

It supports a wide range of programming languages. You can use C++, C#, ASP, and more to develop, taking advantage of perks like reusable code. .NET is also perfect for creating web forms with PHP and HTML. 

2089+ companies across the world rely on the power of dot NET and 

.NET development services. Microsoft, Stack Overflow, Trustpilot, Starbucks, Farfetch, and many others—the list of names is almost endless.  

We’ve highlighted the top benefits of NET (and .NET Core):

High Coding Efficiency

.NET lets companies develop faster by coding less. You can use reusable codes and a range of libraries to cut down development efforts. 

High Security and Safety

NET (and .NET Core) is one of the most secure platforms to develop applications and websites. The framework prevents cyber-attacks like cross-site scripting. It also packs robust security protocols like user verification and role-based permissions to avoid unauthorized access.

Rapid Development

.NET helps software developers and businesses create robust software solutions rapidly in many ways. For example, reusable components and codes ensure developers spend less time coding. In addition, the software engineer can use a range of tools and libraries to develop even faster.

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What Drives the Exceptional Demand for .NET Programmers

.NET is widely used by companies from all over the world and from different industries.

The most popular developer question-answer website, Stack Overflow, is written using .NET technologies. Whole or in part, it can find the best app in almost any industry.

  1. Retail and eCommerce can rely on technology while browsing products, managing sales, making purchases, and tracking orders. A fully integrated suite of solutions such as Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, and Power Platform is supplied by Microsoft as Microsoft Cloud. Nevertheless, any ready-made solution needs specific customization. 
  2. The banking and finance sector going in the transformational phase can leverage .NET for web and application development. A multi-language capability of the platform, OS-level virtualization, Azure-based cloud computing capabilities, and reduced coding efforts are a reason for further adoption of technology across back office and client success services in the sector.
  3. The IoT (Internet of Things) relied on .NET for over four decades for tasks of collecting raw sensor data. Microsoft cared about bringing context awareness to IoT applications by supplying Machine Learning Framework (ML.NET) so that owners of IoT apps could get information to improve connected devices.
  4. Speaking of the game industry, .NET supports many game engines, thus being demanded in the game development field. 

Now let’s go through the portrait of a person you can hire as a .NET developer.

Top 11 Hard & Soft Skills .NET Programmers Should Have

Every .NET developer should possess a few skills to ensure effective development. Below are the skills (both hard and soft ones) you should look for in your potential tech specialists:

The Main .NET Hard Skills

  • C# — this programming language was developed for creating applications by Microsoft. All Microsoft Office programs are written in C# language, as well as Adobe products (Photoshop, Lightroom), Pinterest creative platform and Slack messenger. C# is also a game development language. It runs one of the two base Unity game engines.
  • LINQ — C# extension or, in fact, a very important part of it. Nowadays, most of the business logic is written on it.
  • Frameworks — with the use of these tools development is carried out. For the web it is MVC/WebForms/WebAPI/SignalR, for the desktop it is WPF/WinForms. For the web, the main thing is to understand MVC. ASP.NET Core and Store App are also important to know. The most popular framework for working with data is the Entity Framework. The candidate also needs to be able to work with at least one IoC container, such as Ninject.
  • SQL — with .NET applications, MS SQL Server, and the T-SQL query language are most often used.
  • Architectural guides — it is important for the candidate to have at least a basic understanding of what SOA, N-layer, and Microservices are.
  • Productivity tools — they will save the developer and the company hundreds of hours.
  • Version control systems (Git) — tools for organizing teamwork.

Important .NET Soft Skills

  • Teamwork: Teamworking skills help your staff to excel at collaboration and brainstorming.
  • Strong communication skills: Look for strong communication skills in your potential .NET developer.
  • Time management: .NET developers for hire often manage a few projects at once, so they need to know how to organize their time to complete tasks by the deadline. 
  • Problem-solving: As a .NET software engineer builds your websites and applications, these professionals must assess and fix recurring problems, like bugs and performance issues.

A survey conducted by the recruitment agency Robert Half showed that 52% of HR directors attach more importance to soft skills, personal qualities, and behavioral attitudes of candidates than to professional competencies.

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How to Hire .Net Developers for Your Project

The Microsoft .NET Framework platform is based on the C# programming language, which rating is one of the most popular among developers. Accordingly, .NET developers are in demand in the labor market. Follow these steps to find the best .NET professionals for your development team:

Outline your ideal developer

Before you begin writing the job description, you must have an idea of what kind of developer you are looking for, what specific skills would your .NET developer need, what objectives he’ll need to achieve, and the responsibilities the chosen developer will handle in your company.  

Choose a recruiting model 

Decide what employment model you will be going with. For example, do you plan to hire a dedicated team on a full-time, part-time, or milestone basis? Before making a decision, you should also consider the project’s requirements.

Write a job description

A good job description requires one major thing: a clear explanation of why you require .NET programmers and what you need them to do. Be informative and straightforward when drafting your job description in order to attract top candidates for .NET development. Remember that a job description should focus on more than just salary. In addition to the financial issue, the developer is interested in corporate culture, development prospects, and benefits in the specific company.

Formal (and, alas, typical) phrases like “friendly team”, “fast-growing company”, or “stable salary” may indicate that:

  • you made a poor analysis;
  • you did not have time to write the зкщзук ощи вуіскшзешщт, so you copied the standard phrases;
  • your company has a formal bureaucratic internal culture.

It is important to replace clichés with specific explanations. Another common mistake in job descriptions is the lack of reasons-to-believe. For example: “We have an interesting highload project.” How to replace: “Our product has 3.7 million visits per day and 250 hosts on Amazon.”

Suppose you are looking for a junior developer:

  • What are the standard requirements for the candidate: knowledge, skills, education, and experience?
  • What tasks will the employee face shortly?
  • What kind of person will work best in the team?
  • What are the prospects for working in the company?
  • What is the most interesting thing about working in this position?
  • How much do you pay?
  • Will there be a mentor or lead on the project?

Try to answer possible questions in the job description. To do this, you need to determine what is interesting and important for this specialist. After that, select what you are ready to offer from this list.

Set a CV submission deadline if you are looking for a Trainee/Junior specialist

This is how the limit trigger works, which is often used in marketing. FOMO is a time limit that motivates you to make a decision as quickly as possible. At the end of the vacancy, indicate the date and time by which the candidate can send his CV.

Organize interviews

It is crucial to conduct a one-on-one technical interview to discover what it may be like to work with a candidate. For that purpose, prepare the right interview questions. 

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a .NET Developer

To hire a .NET developer, prepare your interview questions in advance:

Questions for assessing technical skills

  • What do you know about encapsulation in .NET?
  • What is the function of delegates in .NET?
  • Which are your favorite programming languages to code in .NET? Why? 
  • Differentiate between managed and unmanaged code?
  • What is the difference between ASP and ASP.NET?

The questions with an example:

What is the difference between a while and for loop? Give a .NET syntax for both types

The for loop is used when the number of iterations is known, whereas the while loop should be utilized until a given statement becomes true. An example of this syntax in VB.NET is below.

While loop:

While condition [is True]


End While

for loop:

For counter [As datatype] = start To end [ Step step]


Next [ counter ]

Explain what a delegate is in .NET

Using a delegate lets you encapsulate a reference to a method inside a delegate object, similar to a pointer in C and C++. Then, the delegate object can be given a code that can call the reference method without needing to know which method will be invoked at compile time.

Additionally, delegates can be used to create custom events within a class. Here’s an example:

public delegate void FooDelegate ();

class FooClass


// custom event

Public event FooDelegate FooEvent;


FooClass FooObj = new FooClass ()

FooObj.FooEvent += new FooDelegate ();

Questions for assessing soft skills

  • What do you prefer: teamwork or working alone? Why? 
  • Share the experience where you resolved a conflict with your teammates.
  • How do you prioritize your work when you have multiple impending deadlines?
  • Give an example of when you successfully solved a problem.

Start the interview with a couple of general interview questions related to the candidate’s possible experience with the .NET framework. Take the time to note down your applicant’s responses. Keep a record of his/her answers to refer to when comparing candidates. You can share the record with other hiring managers and recruiters which will help make candidate reviews easier.

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What is a .NET Developer?

A .NET software engineer is a software developer who specializes in building software using Microsoft’s .NET framework. These developers implement, design, and develop software products for gaming platforms, ML, desktop computers, and more according to specified technical needs.

When should I use the .NET framework

Here are some scenarios that can help you determine when to use .NET:

  • Windows desktop or server apps: applications primarily for the Windows platform.
  • Enterprise web apps: large-scale web applications that require robustness, scalability, and integration with existing enterprise systems. 
  • Cross-platform apps: if the project requires targeting multiple platforms.
  • Existing .NET ecosystem: if you have an established codebase or libraries in .NET technology, it makes sense to continue using it for new solutions. 

Is it difficult to find a .NET developer yourself?

Thus, developers who know the C# programming language and .NET technologies are in demand in the labor market—vacancies for them are offered by both Ukrainian companies and employers from other countries (remote options).

How to hire a .NET developer yourself?

These professionals have a wide selection of job opportunities and they are rarely actively looking for work. When searching for them, it is important to have a large base of contacts, conduct a search through a maximum of sources, screening, and a series of interviews, as well as attract a relevant candidate with interesting conditions.

How much does it cost to hire a .NET developer for our project? 

We tailor collaboration workflow to your specific needs and goals, choosing the cooperation and pricing models that fit you best. 

Will we sign an NDA before starting cooperation?

Yes, we sign NDAs for both consulting and development projects.

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