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  • In the world of eCommerce and retail, our task was to create a reliable and effective software solution that is required to ease the active working days of sales representatives.
  • Suchlike B2B order taking apps are the perfect choice to expand your business. That is why we strived to allow for mobile orders, save time and provide customers with a flexible ordering app.
  • Our customer was looking for an experienced software development partner that would implement their business vision into an efficient order taking app product and comply with the main business requirements accordingly.
  • The major goal was to create an ordering app from scratch and put our client’s business objectives into practice.
  • We were chasing the challenge for the ordering app to work in a stable mode with 80+% test coverage, for it to be easily maintained by sales reps with the included architecture best practices, project modularity, and clean code.
  • In addition, the task consisted in fitting into the client’s budget that needed to be tailored according to the UX requirements.
Intelvision custom software development clock


3 months
Intelvision custom software development techstack


Xamarin Forms
Intelvision custom software development team

Team size

1 Mobile Developer
1 PM
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Tools we used

Intelvision delivers projects with microsoft Azure
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Web Application Development

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Implementation of Xamarin Forms

After analyzing the needs of the client, as well as the budget, we decided to use Xamarin Forms and MVVM architectural pattern, which we implemented using the Prism library. Such technology enables an app to work properly on all mobile devices.

Intelvision developed Rapid Order solution

Architectural solution with Prism Library

Whereas, the Prism library is one of the best architectural solutions for convenient project support and ongoing project development, especially for creating maintainable and testable mobile apps.

The connection with the database

We have created an order-taking app with a connection to the customer’s database and offline mode. It allows sales reps to take and place orders from customers who already exist in the company’s accounting system.

Intelvision and Rapid Order development

B2B sales

With this order taking app, B2B sales can be taken to a completely new level meaning that sales reps can easily create new orders, check stock information and product availability, conduct auto sync; and all of this can be done right on their mobile devices with the use of an ordering app.


Offline mode

An offline mode gives the possibility for the order taking app to work in places where there is no internet connection. In fact, you may create a mobile order in offline mode with this ordering app. That is especially convenient for field reps.

Intelvision developed Rapid Order offline mode

Custom controls: inputs and keyboard

Custom controls provide the admin (and/or sales reps) with a custom input and custom keyboard for finding, controlling, analyzing, and adding the information about made sales orders and new ones. B2B eCommerce has never been so easy.

Intelvision developed Rapid Order Custom controls

Order management flow

The order management flow enables the sales reps to create, add, sign and approve the chosen products. Moreover, you may integrate such an order taking app into the ERP system to make it possible to manage other core business processes including the information about B2B sales.

Intelvision developed Rapid Order management flow

Customer Order management (select customer, add order, add products, sign, approve)

With the customer order management feature, a person can experience a completely new B2B ecommerce experience. It enables its users to select the customer’s profile then add an order or separate products, sign it, and approve the purchase.

Intelvision developed Rapid Order customer order management

More features

  1. Login as a user and as an admin A comfortable functionality for login and registration as quickly as possible.
  2. Synchronization with the customer’s database The functionality enables the old and newly created orders to work in synchronization mode and provides a funnel to the customer’s CRM. Basically, all the order history is accessible in a few clicks, and placing new sales orders can be carried out at any time.
  3. Custom filters By applying specific filters, it is much easier and faster to find the information about the customer’s order.
  4. Digital catalog When making sales orders, it is comfy to have the entire digital catalog with all the stock information on your mobile device in order to place orders.

What our customer says

Intelvision and Rapid Order client

“They have delivered the project on time and within the specified budget, with exceptional communication and tech superb level of expertise. Intelvision made our project work with specific clean code integration.”


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