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  • Our client wanted to create an improved eCommerce platform built using WordPress that allows their customers to create orders and ship the goods.
  • The main challenge of the project was the big amount of depots that our client uses to store and manage various shipping containers across the US and Canada.
  • An additional challenge was a need to make a fast, optimized way of filtering and searching a needed container for the end customer because our client – it’s a big shipping container store with a lot of traffic on their website.
  • Another request from our client was an urgent matter of implementing a custom container delivery calculation logic based on specific areas.
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5 months
Intelvision custom software development techstack


WordPress/ CI/CD / SMTP server / Stripe integration / QuickBooks integration
Intelvision custom software development team

Team size

1 Project Manager
1 WordPress Lead
2 Middle WordPress Developers
1 QA
1 DevOps

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Tools we used

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Web Application Development

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Dedicated Software Development Team

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Software Support and Maintenance

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Software Development Consulting

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Intelvision online store development

We Listen, Plan, Implement

We ran through a deep discovery stage and our WordPress Lead prepared an optimized, speed WordPress solution that solves all of the challenges.

Intelvision marketplace website development
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Using our eCommerce development experience

Based on the best practices and eCommerce development experience, we built a platform based on WordPress and WooCommerce.

Special for our client

We built a custom and optimized database structure to make a fast, optimized way of filtering and searching a needed container based on the customer’s location possible.

Convenience in using eCommerce software is very important

We know that eCommerce software is used every single day, so we developed the custom theme, and product import/export feature for our client.

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Plugin integrations

We have integrated the WooCommerce QuickBooks Online connector with WordPress Plugin for the automatic synchronization of orders.

We have integrated the “WP All Import from any XML or CSV” plugin for the possibility to easily import and store all the important data.


Simple user flow

The eCommerce flow process consists of 3 important stages that improve customers experience:

  • choose and filter containers
  • add them to the cart
  • proceed to the checkout
Intelvision on site storage simple user flow

Popular payment options (Stripe and ACH payment gateway )

We have implemented the payment integration funnels for a quick and accessible “checkout” procedure.

Intelvision on site storage payment options stripe and ACH payment

Order Management

The order management feature for the eCommerce platform makes it possible to manage all the processes related to order creation, confirmation, containers delivery, and reports.

Intelvision on site storage order management

Online Chat

We implemented a chat feature for customers to receive a quick online consultation about containers and their shipping.

Intelvision on site storage online chat

More features

  1. Login/Registration/Forgot Password We made it possible for every person who requires access to the system, make registration, and change the password in case of forgetting it easily.
  2. Login with Facebook and Google This feature allows the customer to log in through personal Facebook or Google accounts for better convenience.
  3. Upload/download product list We have implemented the feature of a upload\download product list for a customer to save the chosen goods in case of a purchase or for making a decision later.
  4. Shopping cart We developed an advanced shopping cart for the best user experience, as it is the basic necessity of an eCommerce online store.
  5. Get a quote functionality We have created a helpful “get a quote” feature for customers that allows writing in detail all the information he wants to be contacted on later.
  6. Store management It is a basic necessity to have the functionality for the management process to track everything that is related to the online store activity.
  7. Social Media integration Images are automatically pulled from the Instagram page feed, thus, providing more traffic on the website.

What our customer says

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The internal team is fully trained to successfully speeding up and manage all processes on their own. We communicated on a daily basis and the project management was consistent and rapid.

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Intelvision Keeps Its Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch
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