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  • The main system required an urgent matter of rebuilding to meet the standards of the management educational organization of OBE.
  • The main problem laid in the virtual environment that did not function properly, so academic users received wrong and old information.
  • The software architecture was developed in an old-fashioned way that did not comply with up-to-date industry standards, which led to constant issues.
  • There was no correct organization of inner educational materials, documents inside of the virtual environment.
  • Multiple existing features were irrelevant, incorrect, and only confused users.
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8 months
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.NET Core 2.1 / ASP.NET MVC / REST / MS SQL Server / Entity Framework Core / / Bootstrap / CSHTML/CSS/JS/jQuery / TFS.
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Team size

1 Full-stack Developer
1 Business Analyst
1 QA
1 Project Manager
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Tools we used

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Web Application Development

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Dedicated Software Development Team

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Effective software architecture

We have changed the main software architecture of the web application, implemented new inner system modules, and updated the existing ones in accordance with proper and specific tech protocols.

Intelvision web application software development process

Virtual environment improvement

Our team has improved the virtual environment of the university’s website by adding new software architecture logic and letting it function correctly without errors.

Intelvision business web application development process

Optimized organizational structure

We have implemented an organizational structure of inner educational materials, documents inside of the virtual environment, exams, quizzes, assessments, and tables based on OBE standards.

Special inner connections

Intelvision team has connected questions to the results of the specific course.

PDF files download

We have added the possibility to download pdf files with educational information about exams, statistics calculation, etc.

Efficient features implementation

Our team has improved the existing features and added new ones for a convenient and better user experience.

Intelvision custom web application development services needed

Results-based education

We have integrated the results-based education (in different modules).

Productive program outcomes

Intelvision team has added the course and the program outcomes by distributing them on specific levels like high, medium, low.


OBE management

We have implemented the academic management flow for the university system. The new flow was developed and applied according to the OBE structure.

Intelvision OBE management web application development

CO-PO Mapping

The CO-PO mapping provides the possibility to map all course outcomes to program outcomes in a simple way.

OBE CO PO mapping web application development process

PO attainment tree

We created a special multifunctional view for users that provides a great possibility to build the PO attainment tree and visualize all components.

Intelvision OBE PO attaintment tree web application development

Report generation

XLS\PDF reports can be generated and downloaded to trace the educational statistics of a specific student, group of students, course. This feature is available for both – teachers and students with limitations based on the user’s role.

Intelvision OBE Report generation web application development

More features

  1. Academic and exam management This feature allows the admin or an academic worker who has needful credentials to manage the education processes and trace the student’s educational history.
  2. Program outcome Program outcome provides information about subjects, their description, and their code.
  3. Assessments (Exam) The integrated “assessments” (according to the exam) feature lets the user see his\her assessments that were completed or should be completed in the nearest future.
  4. Syllabus The added “syllabus” is a document that provides information about a specific course, examination.
  5. Assessments (Exam) mapping with Question Paper The integrated connection of “assessments” (exam) mapping with the Question Paper lets the teacher or a student receive the whole information about what questions are carried out on the exam and how to proceed for passing the exam.
  6. Bloom’s taxonomy This feature represents a set of hierarchical models used to classify educational learning objectives into levels of complexity and specificity.
  7. Auto checks threshold values Auto checks threshold values” feature that consists of the process where a student for a specific course needs to score 50% according to formulas, afterward the whole working system has to needs to calculate the percentage and generate reports.
  8. User (student) management User management feature allows a person with a certain role to manage other users in the system: create a new user, assign a role, etc.

What our customer says

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They have found the best technical solution for us while being very well organized and consistent during the time management process of the project.

Jack G., CTO

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