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The customer came to us with the half-made website, because it had a bad performance, low functionality processes, and previously implemented custom features did not work. Thus:
  • We have faced several complex challenges while working on the project, among which were constant issues with main roles (customer, vendor, admin) – where random users or sellers saw the goods that should not be displayed within the chosen categories.
  • A lack of optimization caused a long website loading time and a bad user experience.
  • There was no possibility to log in via social media.
  • A localization feature was not working.
  • There were issues with multitenancy.
Intelvision custom software development clock


4 months
Intelvision custom software development techstack


.NET Core 3.1 / Angular 8 / CI\CD / Azure DevOps / MS SQL Server / SMTP server / IIS / xUnit Tests
Intelvision custom software development team

Team size

2 Full-stack Developers
1 Front-end
1 Project Manager
1 QA
Intelvision custom software development industry



Tools we used

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Web Application Development

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Detailed Tech Audit

We have conducted a technical audit of the website (including the audit of the inner tech environment, code review, and analyzed in detail the software architecture).

Intelvision custom software development company

Customizable product filters and categories

Intelvision team has implemented customizable product filters and categories that can be managed from the admin panel.

Intelvision and software development life cycle

Website optimization

The team has optimized the website so it could function quickly, properly and the page could be loaded fast (tested using Google Page Speed Tool and GT Metrix). We added a feature that optimizes pictures during website upload (including pictures of products).

Localization feature

We reviewed and refactored the localization feature to work properly.

Database modification

The team has restructured the database based on updated database architecture. This improvement increased data loading time for the website users by 10%.

Intelvision fortuna online software development degree

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI\CD)

We had customized the CI \ CD that increased development speed.

Reduced infrastructure costs for our client

Intelvision team has transferred the website to a new server with better performance and a custom pricing plan to optimize infrastructure costs for our client.

Refactored main roles functionality

We have refactored core functionality for main roles and covered a business logic with tests to make sure that each role can access the needed data and efficiently and securely interact with a website.

Facebook integration and multitenancy feature updates

We have implemented the possibility to log in via Facebook and updated the multitenancy functionality to work properly.

Intelvision and fortuna software development process

Stable version of the website and release

In accordance with all analyzed issues within the tech audit and further improvements, we have managed to build the stable version of the website and released it successfully.


Tech audit

We have made a detailed technical audit of the platform.

Intelvision and fortuna tech audit

Login \ Sign up via Facebook

We made it possible for every person who requires access to the system to log in through Facebook.

Intelvision and fortuna login registration facebook

Global search feature

The search feature makes it possible to find a needful product on the website by entering a product description, currency, prices, and additional filters.

Intelvision and fortuna search feature

Admin panel

This feature lets the system administrator manage orders and interact with customers.

Intelvision and fortuna admin panel

Product management

The “product management” functionality provides the possibility to use all features related to product management processes.

Intelvision and fortuna product management

More features

  1. Share product on Facebook and Twitter By pressing a “share product” button, selected goods are automatically transferred to the user’s main Facebook\Twitter page for advertisement purposes.
  2. Multitenancy The multi-tenancy feature provides a technically correct solution to manage users that want to create their own shop within the website and manage goods for selling purposes.
  3. Role management (customer, vendor, admin) By refactoring and optimizing the role management, we made it possible for the super admin to manage each role on the website.
  4. Category management The “category management” feature provides the possibility to select and manage products that belong to a certain category within the platform.

What our customer says

Intelvision and fortuna client photo

We had constant issues with our website functionality and the Intelvision’s team went even above our requirements and optimized everything to work excellent.

Samuel B., CTO

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