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Our customer faced several challenging issues on his project:

  • There were constant issues with the functionality of the whole project that arose all the time and needed improvement;
  • There was a need to implement another software logic that would let the whole system work without constant bugs;
  • It was required to finish the existing functionality;
  • There was a problem with generating reports;
  • There was no possibility to store the data and make inner analysis.
Intelvision custom software development clock


7 months
Intelvision custom software development techstack


.NET Core Web API / Angular 7 / Identity server / SQL / EF
Intelvision custom software development team

Team size

2 Full-stack Developers
1 Business Analyst
1 QA
1 Project Manager
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Tools we used

Intelvision works with .NET core logo
Intelvision works with angular logo
Intelvision works with microsoft SQL Server
Intelvision works with JS report
Intelvision works with identity server


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Web Application Development

Intelvision works with software development teams

Dedicated Software Development Team

Intelvision software maintenance support work

Software Support and Maintenance

Intelvision provides technology consulting

Software Development Consulting

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Project audit & refactoring

We made an audit, listed all issues, and refactored the project to remove all issues and bugs.

Intelvision custom web application development work

Proper software logic

We have implemented a correct software logic that improved the work and functionality of the whole project for further usage.

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Removed constant dysfunction

The team has removed the constant dysfunction of the website that solved many issues for the client.

We opened new markets for our customer

We added a localization feature to support multiple countries. This feature allowed our client to penetrate other markets with their product.

Intelvision lean software development

The Intelvision team added report genetration feature

We have developed the functionality to generate reports and implemented the possibility to store, download reports and the data. Additionally, we have set up a scheduled report generation.

Website constant improvements

We have improved the existing functionality by adding new features.

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Audio player improvement

We have improved an audio player. Intelvision team added a possibility to record a track, the possibility to cut an audio file into fragments and play the cut audio file.

Intelvision software development engineer

Identity server and Data analysis

We have integrated an identity server and developed the functionality for the data analysis.

Intelvision and software development methodologies

eCharts implementation

We have implemented a powerful and interactive charting for the website.


Custom reports

“The custom reports” feature allows easily generate needful analytical reports and store them.

Intelvision and Broadsoft custom reports

Identity server integration

This type of integration provided an additional security layer for the website.

Intelvision and broadsoft identity server integration

Radio-analytical module

The improved feature of the radio-analytical module provides the possibility to conduct suitable analysis. The functionality of this module is crucially important for storing the audio data.

Intelvision Broadsoft radio analytical module

Campaign management

This feature helps to implement any scheduled campaign for marketing purposes by adding a short piece of commercial track in the middle of the song.

Intelvision Broadsoft campaign management

More features

  1. Website localization This feature allows translating every page according to your language preference.
  2. Bulk upload Bulk upload allows uploading many mp3 tracks with the proper size. In addition, shows the progress, status, message, and actions that can be made on the track.
  3. Breadcrumbs navigation Control elements on the dashboard are frequently used as a navigational aid in user interfaces and on web pages. They allow the user to keep track and maintain awareness of their locations within the website.
  4. Dashboard panel The Dashboard Panel is displayed on the Web Dashboard’s UI and allows users to see the overall quantity of campaigns, total plays, TV plays, Radio plays. Additionally, see the statics according to a specific date.
  5. Post evaluation Post evaluation feature gives the possibility to observe and track all the information about channels, scheduled audio tracks, scheduled dates, and the time.

What our customer says

Intelvision and broadsoft client photo
They quickly speeded up the team, effectively adapted according to the project requirements, and performed great with consistent communication.
Joanna K., CEO

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