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  • Our customer was looking for an experienced tech team that can dive deeply into the project requirements, create a unique application with proper software architecture, and enable easy user flow.
  • Our client required the implementation of a startup app into a well-performing sports competition application that can work without pitfalls.
  • The solution was aimed to be used by people in different age ranges and connect them because of the similar interests – sports participation and competitions.
  • We were required to settle all the needful technologies for connecting the server which would let the app work properly from any device.
Intelvision custom software development clock


5 months
Intelvision custom software development techstack


.NET Core Web API / React Native / Redux
Intelvision custom software development team

Team size

1 Mobile developer
1 Backend
1 PM
1 QA
Intelvision custom software development industry


Non-profit organization
Sport competitions

Tools we used

Intelvision SignalR logo
Intelvision google maps logo
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High traffic application

Our created solution has scaled the traffic to sports competitions application with thousands of users, and met the needs of sporting events, following information security requirements.

Intelvision delivers sports app

Web server integration

We utilized a high-performance web server facility to ensure the flawless performance of the application. This is perfect for people in the dynamic industry like sports organizations to engage with each other by using the app.

Intelvision delivers successful sporty app

Exceptional user experience

We delivered an exceptional user experience solution with easy navigation, a visually-engaging effect, and convenient competition management.

Maps and geolocation

We have integrated Google Maps and geolocation for competition management and tracking.

Intelvision delivers playsport app

Multi-functional timer

We have developed a timer for calculating the sports score and for the user to get his competition score.

Intelvision delivers app competition


\sign-up with Facebook

According to the “UX” analysis, users often prefer to sign-in\sign-up through Facebook. This feature enables them to proceed with just 1 simple click.

Intelvision created razom feature sign in with Facebook

Map integration

We have integrated maps for the user to be able to define a competition’s details on the map.

Intelvision enabled razom map integration

Geolocation tracking

This feature refers to the use of location technologies such as GPS and allows users to find and track each other during the competition.

Intelvision created razom geolocation tracking feature


The feature of a specialized type of clock is used for measuring specific time intervals for people participating in sports competitions.

Intelvision created razom timer feature

Competition management

This functionality enables the showcase of participants and winners. In addition, it helps easily manage competitions in real-time.

Intelvision created razom competition management feature

What our customer says

Intelvision and razom client

The skilled team at Intelvision delivered a quality product within a rapid timeline. They showed hardworking professionalism while displaying an optimistic attitude. The communication with them was also precise and clear.

Benjamin J., CEO

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